You have the ladder so all you need to do is buy the paint and brush to paint your home right? – you’ve decided the hardest part is going to be choosing the colour and that painting your home should be a great weekend project. While it’s very easy to think that’s all there is to it, you may find yourself several weeks later with all your furniture still parked up in the corner and 3 rooms to go.

Somehow the home magazine picture you drew inspiration from, and your lounge don’t have the same feel and that’s because the room in the picture was painted by professionals with an eye for detail and the right tools that makes the difference between a DIY finish and a breathtaking colour scheme.

DIY Or Call in The Professionals? 

You may be tempted to take the DIY route because you have crunched the numbers and decided that painting the house yourself will save you some $. Unfortunately, many homeowners find that painting ends up being much more tedious and time-consuming than expected and that hiring professional painters works out more cost effective in the long run. Here are just 3 great reasons why you should avoid a DIY paint job and call in a professional painting team.


Time is the one of the biggest factors- we all lead busy lives and if you have not painted before it can be a time-consuming job. Being able to paint neatly and efficiently comes with experience and when you call on a professional painting team they come in as a team, it’s not just one-person painting. A team of painters achieve so much more in a working day, wrapping furniture, preparing, sanding, cleaning and painting a average size 3 bedroom home in just 5 days. Which leads us to the next point.


What many people don’t expect is the time it actually takes to paint a home. It doesn’t matter if you are looking to make subtle interior changes or bold transformations the time you need to invest in preparation is the same. Depending on the condition of your walls you will have to clean and wash the walls, fill cracks and holes, sand and wipe the walls down then apply a primer, before painting. It’s a lot of work and often because it’s a one-man job it can drag on and frustration and lack of time leads to a project that ends up being abandoned altogether. Using a professional painting service like Aqua Painting means we even take care of removing your blinds or curtains, we tape skirting boards and wrapping your furniture all part of our standard service.

Professional painters know exactly how to protect your furniture and floor. They will take the time to protect your belongings from paint residue and dust. A great painting team knows that preparation is two thirds of the job and will prepare the area before painting to ensure an efficient and well-executed workflow process.

If you receive a cheap quote be cautious because you can expect the contractor to invest very little time in sanding, washing and making sure the surface is dust free to achieve a flawless result. Unless you are properly preparing the surfaces you run the risk of all the paint peeling off within 6 months.


You can’t expect someone who has never baked a cake before to win the Great Australian Bake Off, but a experienced baker would whip up a 3-tiered mouse cake in seconds – painting is much the same in that a professional team knows the pitfalls and challenges of painting certain surfaces, they have extensive product knowledge and can instinctively match colours. It’s not only about the physical task of painting but a combination of skills that come from years of experience, the right tools and knowledge that you benefit from.

When you decide to paint your home, we know that it’s a big decision and one that homeowners want to know will last. At Aqua Painting we are licenced, insured and provide between 5-7 years warranty depending on the products used.

When you engage with Aqua Painting we provide an onsite foreman and supervisor to ensure quality standards and that our clients have a single point of contact at any point during the painting job. We believe by having a supervisor present at all times our teams are providing value for money and working to efficient deadlines.

You have the guidance of a professional you can trust to help you make decisions that will bring the colours of your imagination into your home and transforming it into a space you are enamoured with- making the decision of hiring a professional painting team the right call.

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